JCG Development & Grasshopper Development TO Revitalize old O'Conner's Church Site on El Cajon Blvd. / by Lenette Hewitt

The O'Conner's Church Site is located at 3702 and 3720 El Cajon Blvd.  It will be 29,465 Sq. Ft of Food, Beverage, Retail, Community Event Space, and Creative Office. The redevelopment will create a hub for makers, non-profits, community benefit and social innovation focused businesses.  The site will add food & beverage and retail outlets for the warehouse and the community which lacks healthy food alternatives.  The project will create quality jobs, encourage entrepreneurialism and help facilitate non-profits and community-based organizations to thrive.  JCG Development will be working with community groups and local associations to develop relationships and proliferate economic development.  The project will share the El Cajon Boulevard story through the different voices that will utilize the facility.  Another goal will be to activate the space through regular events such as art shows, concerts, weddings, corporate events, and parties.  The project will also elevate the neighborhood by replacing blight and activating an iconic building on the Blvd with well-designed indoor/outdoor work, food & beverage, retail and event spaces. This site will create a regional draw to the Central Boulevard area between 805 and Fairmont Avenue both physically and digitally for millennials and the local community.